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You primarily sell antiques that have not been upcycled or made into a new product.
You personally create art through the usage of various mediums, including, but not limited to; painting, pottery, metal work, and wood carving. This category is intended to categorize trained artisans and is differentiated from handmade goods.
Food vendors who sell pre-packaged food that may be prepared in a licensed factory, licensed food kitchen, by a licensed caterer, or by vendors who follow the Florida Cottage Foods law with required labels and packaging. Please provide documentation of wholesale purchase of foods prepared in a factory; or evidence of food prepared in a licensed kitchen; or a caterer's license; or a copy of a Cottage Food label that complies with the Florida Cottage Foods Law.
If you sell goods primarily related to children - such as clothing, accessories, toys etc...
You will prepare and sell food onsite that will be consumed onsite.
You primarily sell clothing, jewelry, handbags and/or gifts.
You sell primarily goods that have been handmade. This category would include, but not be limited to; signs, small quilted or crocheted items, quilts, stationary, and any other hand-crafted item that does not fit into another category better.
You primarily sell soap, makeup, essential oils, lotions, creams etc...
You primarily sell items that are architectural, upcycled, reclaimed, painted and styled. Vendors in this category may also have antiques in their booths, but are distinguished from Antique Category vendors by the amount of work put into the items for sale other than basic cleaning and repair.

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